IT WAS A DREAM OF A LIFETIME for some people that every citizen of Larnaca would be able to taste the Cypriot culture at a place which will become his estate. The traditional and modern Cypriot culture is bursting out from the 1880’s ''Χάνι'', which gives way to ''Apothikes'' of 2014.

While keeping a low profile, the timber warehouses of 1936 were completely transformed by their proud creators with dedication and enthusiasm into avant garde ''Apothikes''. At a personal cost ''Apothikes'' support new ideas and artistic opinions which encourages us to make the space created our own meeting place. ''Whoever can electrify solitude still has humanity within himself''.

In today's voiceless society ''Apothikes'' revive the old style cafe providing a space to further artistic and social pursuits such as backgammon and listening to music in a friendly atmosphere while enjoying a coffee.

''Flowing of the sea and you'', Kostas, Artemis, Thekla, Yuliana, Stefanos ''far-off influence of the starsstand by me!''. Children of the new generation that complement the past.



Argentinian cinema
Co-organised by the Instituto Cervantes of Nicosia and Apothiki 79, with the support of the Embassy of Argentina in Israel.

Titles of the movie:
7/2/2017, "Blue Lips"
14/2/2017, "El Clan"
21/2/2017, "Un Cuento Chino"
28/2/2017, 100 años de perdón

Free entrance. With english subtitles. For reservation call us 99083974 or email us loveapothikes@hotmail.com


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